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Grey Days

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                                2 December 2015 December already Dear Readers!  The temps have dropped, snow has fallen,  and another grey, cloudy day in the making as I write this pre-sunrise. I’ve been busy with the past holiday, hosting family, interior design projects, my sweet love Harry –5  months old and 28 lbs Dear Readers!!!  I swear he…

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7 November 2015   I love Autumn for all of the typical reasons.   But I also find Autumn as a time of reflection.  You-in-the-know know how I love to reflect, revise and mix it up…..hmmmmm?!  Thoughts Dear Readers?                           From the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice IT

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The Orientalist

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  5 November 2015 Sorry for my absence.  Been busy with god know what?  Spending lots of time with my lovable new little guy, Harry, spent a quick couple of days in Chicago and been wrapping up fall-like things I guess.  But as of today I’m back in action –my back is out from scooping up Mr. 22 lbs—so why not catch up on my neglected site.  Anyone near a…

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Hacked But Healing

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20 October 2015 I don’t even know where to start.  My website was hacked last week.  It was hacked so severely thatI lost all of my images.  All of my images from over 600 something posts. I’m still so sick to my stomach and in shock over this.  My tech team tells me that there’s not way to recover images and that my whole library is gone. I’m starting over…

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Clean & Crisp

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9 October 2015   Sorry (once again) for lack of posts, but been crazy busy getting NoHu country house buttoned up for winter months and NOW focusing on getting the NoLo place puppy-ized and ready for Harry. Speaking of domiciles.  This just came across my desk this AM and I need to share this with you. I love the quiet simplicity, clean lines and attention to detail (the hidden doors…

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