Making An LV Speedy An LV

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1 October 2013

Happy October!
I’m currently preparing for a trip to Madrid, Spain and am in the market for the perfect cross body bag.
While stuck here in NoHu while Miss Lola is under the weather, I’m doing some online shopping.
Surfing the web, I came ashore on this CR Fashion Book‘s Louis Vuitton article that I found interesting and thought you may enjoy it as well.


“This season, the latest LV must-have speaks its must-haveness at a lower decibel than some of its forebears as the brand emphasizes quality and craft. Take, for example, the new Speedy bag in python, a paragon of handbag production that requires over 400 technical maneuvers in fabrication to realize. The most challenging aspect being, that while each python hide measures up to 8 meters long, they are not very wide, so several skins must be “matched” to obtain perfect symmetry and even coloring. It’s the kind of unparalleled attention to detail that makes an LV an LV.”


Fun facts:
“The python Speedy by the numbers
Over 400 – Number of fabrications, treatments, and operations required to realize a single bag
12 – Pieces of leather, including the python and interior lambskin lining
9 – Pieces of hardware (4 for the handles, 2 for the zips, 3 for the strap)
Between 7 and 8 – Average length, in meters, of each python hide.”
Resulting in GORGEOUSNESS!



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