White Is Never Wrong

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Happy Labor Day.
So it’s ridiculously stated somewhere that it is frowned upon to wear white starting today?! I say to hell with that silly rule. Everyone-in-the-know knows how I wear white all damn year and wear it proudly. What else looks super crisp with a hugging, ribbed black T-neck than perfect white jeans?…I could go on but will reel in a brewing rant.

Because I’m busy planning my belated birthday party (got to pull together the playlist today– a daunting task) I’m treating you to fellow blogger Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic‘s recent post.
And just a quick FYI– party is planned for Sept 4th and predicted temp that day is 90 degrees F. I bought a gorgeous clingy black Jean Paul Gaultier for the occasion but just may opt for a simple white shift. What could be simple yet elegant for a steamy Sept evening? Yes? And we all know how WE– the-tanned-end-of-summer-brunets look in white.






See the rest of her post here.

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