Better Than Ever

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7 February 2015



Every woman knows– I don’t’ care how great shape you’re in– what a major drag swimsuit shopping can be. Well it’s right up there with bra and jean shopping. Be prepared to commit at least 4 hours to the ordeal. I always marvel at the swimsuit sales women. They have endless energy assisting one to find the perfect suit(s) Add to that the daunting task of to put all rejected suits back on the hangers and racks. I can hardly hang up a T-neck (not true– wink wink– you-in-the-know have seen my closets– all color coordinated–total Virgoitist happening here Dear Readers).

Main goal: a girl wants to look better than ever– (“And I’m going to be 60!” A When Harry Met Sally moment– “In 6 years”).
I’m heading to Palm Springs in a couple of weeks so I’m: UGH swimsuit shopping.

KORE WEAR is launching their 2015 line next week….until then…let’s review their 2014 collection.


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