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18 February 2015


“Palm Springs Cool with Low-Key Ranch Chic….”
Thats how one reviewer put it about where I’m currently staying. Sparrows Lodge is a serene slice of oasis right off of busy E Palm Canyon Dr and you would never know it until you go back out to step or nose your car outside of the entry gateway.


It’s a perfect respite to thaw out from the 11 degrees F that I left in NoLo/ NoHu I’m looking forward to a bike ride this AM then work and my tan (yes, I’m working while poolside). A couple days of decompression are good for one’s body,soul and not to mention reboot the mind….before one has to jump back into it! Right?!


Anyway– Sparrow’s Lodge is lovely rustic chic for sure. Not really my thing for a long stay… I feel like I’m camping or shall we say glamping for a couple of nights. Which is OK if that’s what I was truly doing. But all is good because when my friend arrives tomorrow we’re moving on up to The Parker where we’ll be sharing a room– hmmm haven’t done that since I stayed at The Viceroy years ago with my sister. Then as planned we’re jumping into Modernism Week and more exploration of this lovely dessert area.


PLEASE make note: This place is wonderful. The staff is above accommodating and attentive, the exterior, gathering spaces and rooms are well thought out and perfectly appointed. It feels very private yet with a gentle reminder that others guests are staying there as well — did I mention there are only 20 rooms. The over all design is rustic luxe– redwood, teak and stone–all natural materials that bodes well and is appreciated in an area where many of the bright colors and vinyl of Mid Century Modernism has run amok and is here to stay.


Now if I could only get a coffee this early— I’m still on NoLo time!!! And you-in-the-know know how I need my coffee right away…I guess I’m used to hotels that cater to incoming guests from different time zones.
More from the dessert later Dear Readers….and I promise lots of photos.


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