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24 February 2015

Modernism Week

Modernism Week

One of my favorite things that we did when visiting the Palm Springs area last week for Modernism Week was touring the Frey House II. It’s a rare opportunity to gain access to the iconic mountain top home. We went up the mountain side with 14 others and THEN we were greeted by our host Gary Wexler (YES, his dad is the renown architect Donald Wexler).
This house has such a fantastic story behind it from Albert Frey studying the site for years to track the sun and wind for the proper placement to today’s standing structure and original furnishings. Read full story and more photos here.

Modernism Week

I’m borrowing many images from the Modernism Week blog, as my photos do not do the house justice and I want to share with you what it was really like to visit this rare Mid Century Modern jewel that is literally built into the rough of the mountain side. Note the huge boulder in the living / sleeping area.

A couple of interesting ties back to MN– Donald Wexler studied architecture at the U of M.
The new director of the Palm Springs Art Museum: “Elizabeth Armstrong, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts’ contemporary art curator since 2008, has been hired by the Palm Spring Art Museum to be its new director.” Part of taking on this new position– she has to reside in the Frey House II for the time she is the director. I think it would be a perk…. others in our group were not so sure. Although it is a remote location– the views are outstanding, the property access is gated, the furnishing may be a bit severe but could you image waking up to said view and then coming home to such a exemplar piece of architecture. And oh the parties (small for certain) that you could have.
Thoughts Dear Readers?

Modernism Week

Photo by JLE

Modernism Week

JLE @ Frey
Photo by SQ

Photo by JLE

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