Sofa Styles

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10 February 2015


I’m sofa shopping for a client which has got me thinking about and now shopping for a new sofa for my pied a terre. I’m in need of a soft, vibrant colored, tufted chesterfield look. A smaller scale of course and but still double for a quick guest bed if needed….too much to ask?



It’s funny because I’ve been such a fan of neutral sofas for many years opting to mix it up with crazy colors, patterned, seasonal pillows. You-in-the-know that have been to my house and / or pied a terre know all about my serious out of control throw pillow addiction. Does Betty Ford have a program? Preferably in Palm Springs, and one that will allow me to bring Miss Lola, where I can golf a couple of times a week and still enjoy my cocktails? Yes? Family & friends may be ready to sign me up!




Photos by Domaine + see more vibrant sofa style here.

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