Inflexible Yet Organized

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16 March 2015


Sorry for lack of posts. But the weather here in NoHu and the NoLo has been delightful and I’m crazy busy juggling a million things.
Like what? New design projects, my golf skirts have taken off (more on that later– I know I keep promising but not ready to share yet), planning a birthday party in Naples, FL, etc. etc. So how does a girl keep organized? I’m a list addict. Comes from my 100% German father. I would be lost without my lists. I love to jot things down. I’m so bad that if I do something that isn’t on my list and I did it— I jot it down just so I can cross it off. i.e.: went to get my car / license tabs yesterday and spontaneously filled up my car with gas. Guess what? The “Gas” went on the list and was promptly crossed off. Wow– what a feeling of satisfaction. I know there’s others like me out there– I know you exist. I know of one friend that does the same thing–BUT takes it even further— if she thinks about something on the list, she puts a check mark next to it and then of course when completed she crosses it off.



So that said, you-in-the-know know how I love my notebooks. They’re everywhere. In my car, in my bags, bedside, desk in studio, on the kitchen counter, kitchen desk— EVERYWHERE. And if I don’t have one handy– thank the gods for my iPhone Notes app.
Did anyone see the article in the NY Times yesterday?

“Those who still prefer to carry around a physical notebook, rather than relying on Evernote (or just tweeting every passing thought), are a peculiar bunch possessed of inflexible loyalties: whether you’re a Moleskine or a Rhodia person tells journal snobs everything they need to know. (There’s some ego involved, to be sure: “Our notebooks give us away,” as Joan Didion famously wrote, “for however dutifully we record what we see around us, the common denominator of all we see is always, transparently, shamelessly, the implacable ‘I.’”) I’ve lately been swayed by this handsome specimen by the Princeton Architectural Press, the front cover of which features a 5.5-by-5.8-inch reproduction of “Noise,” Ed Ruscha’s massive 1963 oil “word picture.” Besides nailing the functional particulars — the page weight is satisfyingly substantial, the ruling just the right width — its front cover is a welcome reminder, in the age of digital chatter, of the notebook’s usefulness as a tool to quiet down.”


$13, available now at and at and other retailers starting Tuesday, March 17.

Hmmmmm– that’s an interesting and true note: “are a peculiar bunch possessed of inflexible loyalties: whether you’re a Moleskine or a Rhodia person tells journal snobs everything they need to know”.

I’m a true Rhodia person thru and thru. Why? I discovered these a million years ago while in art school, they come in numerous sizes, the pages are typically a grid layout and you can easily tear the pages out. So, they’re easy to sketch on as well as jot your most inner thoughts and keep those lists in crisp clean lines. Will I pick up a Ed Ruscha Word Picture notebook? No. Why give up a good tried and true thing– I’ll remain loyal to my Rhodias.
I can now cross off “Do NYT Post” and what’s next on my list– “Go to Gym”.

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