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4 March 2015
Watch this informative video.

One of my all time favorite artists has this intriguing piece up for purchase:
Anish Kapoor (b. 1954)
Blood Mirror
Stainless steel and lacquer
78 in. diameter
Executed in 2000

Blood Mirror by Anish Kapoor

I’ve viewed his amazing, inviting work in Madrid at the Reina Sofia as well as the Tate Modern in London and I swear there was something at the Guggenheim in Bilbao. But my all time favorite piece– maybe because of the magnitude of it and how it’s so wonderful see the many many viewers interact with it, is the monumental Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park also known affectionately as “The Bean”. This intriguing sculpture, like all of his pieces, draws you in visually, audibly and psychologically.

Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor

Cloud Gate at Sunset
Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor

“Curious and consuming, Anish Kapoor’s sculpture captivates and resonates with viewers, who can seldom resist engaging with the art. Kapoor’s work typically manifests in simple, curved forms, usually monochromatic and richly colored to draw the viewer through extraordinary scale and surface. The round, concave, and highly reflective Blood Mirror has a powerful presence, both physically and psychologically. From a distance, the lacquered stainless steel form appears to be a void that tempts viewers to look closely as it reflects and distorts everything in front and to the sides of it. Up close, the surface seems to switch from concave to convex, which creates an unsettling tension as it challenges the viewer’s perception. Its sonar effect also surprises, as the sculpture amplifies and projects the viewer’s voice to other areas in the room.”

Blood Mirror by Anish Kapoor

Price is available upon request. But upon further digging, I found it’s estimated price at 700,000 EUR.
For more info contact Heather James Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA. All Blood Mirror photos by Heather James Fine Art. Cloud Gate photos by unknown.

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