A Green Salad on The Side

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10 March 2015


Spring is definetly in the air here in NoHu Dear Readers. My mind is racing ahead to pool parties, paddle boarding, golfing and just being outside walking Miss Lola.


I was dreamining about green leaves and grass when this line of “dish ware” came across my desk. Someone I know has a few pieces of this crazy wonderful line called “Lettuce Ware”. Maybe it’s my mother or maybe BFF Brad? Hmmmmm will have to do some investigative work for certain. My mother probably has forgotten about it and will never miss it due to her high volume collection and lack of entertaining these days—right?



Anyway, so thrilled to see that Tory Burch is working with the iconic Dodie Thayer and has re-introduced the line and made it readily available. You-in-the-know know how I love ceramics and earthenware.

Suddenly I’m craving salads and cannot live without a set of the soup bowls as well as that serving bowl. AND where do I get that pitcher ?! Imagine that said in a very excited high pitched tone!

Read more about Dodi Thayer here in Town and Country article.

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