“Play Is How to Prepare For Work”

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24 March 2015


Did anyone catch the Lena Dunham documentary on the uber iconic creative Hilary Knight last evening on HBO? If you didn’t catch “It’s Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise” check it out “ON DEMAND” when possible.

It’s an interesting insight into the mid 50’s when the books were the creative joint venture of Kay Thompson and Hilary. The limited series is about a mischievous, playful little girl (a lot like Thompson) who had the run of New York’s (The) Plaza Hotel. The short film takes you from his childhood to conception of said books to present day. It’s beyond interesting to watch his never ending curiosity and creative vision.

It’s great fun. I think I watched the entire 45 minutes with a perma-smile plastered on my face. And don’t get me started about how much I love Lena Dunham and love “GIRLS”. And of course love The Plaza where I had tea a couple of years ago in the famed Palm Court.

“It’s Me, Hilary tells the tangled story of Knight’s involvement with one of the most beloved kid-lit characters of the mid-20th-century. The story doesn’t entirely end happily, because once major media companies started seeing new profit potential in the Plaza’s top tyke, Knight began to feel squeezed out again. The film also touches on some of Knight’s other books and commercial work, and covers a couple of key points from his personal life (such as his homosexuality, and the influence of his parents, who were both successful artists working in very different genres). A lot of It’s Me, Hilary is concerned with how Knight spends his time in his old age, conceiving and shooting little movies around his property. His philosophy has always been that “play is how you prepare for work.” Besides, he says, “I’m excellent at fucking off.”
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