Spring Into Soups

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31 March 2015


Lack of posts? Where do I even begin to start to tell you how stressed out I’ve been.
Miss Lola’s been sick, I’m trying to make huge headway on two design projects while planning a birthday party in Naples, FL (where I’m heading on Sat for 10 days) and — certainly not least–working on sourcing and securing a new manufacturer / production house for my sportswear line. Besides all the “other things” one needs to do before leaving. You’ll be glad I’m saving you the details on “other things”.

Anyway the rest is all good. Spring has sprung and if I did have time to even consider cooking at this point and time I would take a look at these gorgeous spring soups from California Olive Ranch. But because I’m not a fan of cream based soups, I’d be busy reconstructing these so they still are flavorful and still enhance the main star of each show. It can be done, been doing it for years and besides it’s good to encourage your creative side to come out and play when cooking rather than just following a recipe (say “just following a recipe” in a begrudgingly tone).


“Spring soups have a lighter, daintier body and incorporate the best of what’s newly in bloom – think fresh peas, asparagus, leeks, green garlic, fava beans, and more. Olive oil is the perfect vehicle for the silky and smooth pureed soups common to the season, and a smart way to saute soup vegetables to coax out the most flavor. With shorter cooking times, the result is often a quick, tremendously flavorful, seasonal broth.”

So, I leave you to try these and let me know how they turn out! AND I promise many more posts with interesting content from sunny Naples. Promise.

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