Taking It To A Higher Standard

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6 March 2015


So I’m trying to mix up my regular work out schedule. Like everything else in life, if I’m not challenging myself I get complacent and bored out of my mind and then I start looking at the next sparkly thing….hmmm well what’s that over there? (Keep it curious Dear Readers. Keep it curious.)
I’m down to one day a week with Kick-Your-Ass-Kay personal trainer, taking Barre classes, yoga, TRX, etc., etc. If they offer it– I’ll try it.


So when this came across my desk– I was thrilled.
I’ve stayed at The Standard East Village NYC a couple of times and loved it. I’ve had drinks/ lunch at The Standard High Line NYC— what’s not to love?! Their overall look, scene and marketing is always fresh and inventive. And The Standard Culture is always beyond interesting. They know how to mix it up. Did you know there’s a The Standard soundtrack, you can get the forcast for Montauk right before you book a seat on their StndAIR sea plane to fly into the Hamptons, etc, etc, etc.

But back to working out… here’s my latest find that will become an obsession: The Standard Moves

I can assure you I won’t anytime soon be attempting the “Sirsasana II Tripod Headstand Variation” but the others are worth a definite try and a “maybe” into a refreshed work out regime– as short lived as it may be. Namaste.

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