Naples USA not Naples Italia

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7 April 2014


Greetings from Naples, FL!
Finally settled in and back to work. (“Work?” I can feel your eyes rolling!).
No, seriously back to work this AM (while sitting in my bed, coffee, laptop, you Dear Readers, watching the sunrise, fishing boats heading out to the Gulf and palms every so slightly rustling in breeze off balcony).

Hey–I’m on vacation!! Why am I trying to justify this?
I do have family coming in later this week for a birthday party that I’m planning (working) and conference calls, emails to get out, budget reviews and scheduling meetings (working), etc.

Anyway– heading out for my AM walk (yes, walk along beach is included– I know you’re wondering) and then back to work (on my tan lines) then conference calls, etc. And then lunch and shopping, UGH—more work! (wink wink).

I promise to post much more interesting content in the next coming days. Promise.

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