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27 April 2015


Everyone-in-the-know knows how I love ceramics. I’ve been collecting hand made ceramics for years– small to large, local to pedigreed. A couple of summers ago I announced I was going to take a pottery class. Imagine the response I got– not what I expected. “Great! Does that mean everyone is going to be gifted ashtrays from now on?” That was a typical comment.

You-in-the-know know how I love Picasso anything. When Brad & I were in Barcelona a few summers ago we went to the Museu Picasso and enjoyed the the museum’s ceramic collection. Very impressive. I especially loved the larger platters and the pitchers….don’t get me started on his pitchers.

39989-1412021331-Picasso, Pot-xl

39989-1412021518-Picasso Pitcher 2-xl

So when this came across my desk a few days ago by Paddle 8— I was pleasantly shocked to learn that I too could own a Picasso– granted these are editions but a Picasso piece that is somewhat affordable?
Sign me up– or rather, start the bidding now.

“At the ceramic bench, the modern master let his imagination run wild. He took a playful approach to the irregular surfaces, often animating the functional parts of the vessels, and thrived in the space between the fluid liberty offered by clay as a material and the direction given by the functional forms. Picasso found that the anthropomorphic qualities of the vessels lent themselves well to the forms of animals and humans (think owl pitchers, his friend Matisse as a goat, and of course, women as vases).The constraints of the medium pushed his creativity as he treated themes as literal as a bowl of fruit and as lofty as Greek mythology. Picasso’s foray into ceramics began as a diversion from his more serious commitments to painting and sculpture, but ended up impacting his oeuvre in a serious way.”



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