Spring Flings– Here We Come

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22 April 2015


It must be April / May here in NoHu / NoLo because here come all the fundraiser invitations! All good– I’m not complaining in any manner. I truly believe in giving back and it’s always so great to meet up with your friends after a long winter where everyone was scattered about and wintering elsewhere.


So I welcome the spring / giving season with open arms– here are a couple that are upcoming and should be on your radar:

J-Hap event where my lovely friend Gretchen’s fantastic jewelry will be on sale to support the cause.

Mama Salama event.

I’ll be attending both– and now what to wear?

Well, Serena and Lily (a home furnishings line based out of Sausalito, CA that I have loved for years) just launched their “First Capsule Collection For Her” line. Maybe a couple of these simple crisp pieces will do– especially if I can hang on to my Naples tan (did I detect an audible eye roll there Dear Readers?).


And don’t even get me started on those pareos! You-in-the-know know how I LOVE pareos— my usual just-around-the-house-summer-wear.
Salute to a great upcoming spring / summer season filled with lots of fun, family and friends and don’t forget the giving back.

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