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14 May 2015


Where to begin?
Sorry for absence but my Miss Lola has taken ill and I’ve been up most nights with her every hour on the hour and then playing catch up half asleep during the day hours. I guess it’s like having a child (so people have told me). All I can do is conduct business here in my bed next to a snoozing Weimaraner. She won’t let me sit and work at desk in studio, she won’t let me sit and work at kitchen counter– and she’s got doggy beds in both places. She’s very insistent that I’m here next to her in bed. You know how a Virgo female Weim can be.

Serena & Lily

I’m getting things done but I’m tethered to the house and you-in-the-know know how frustrating that is for me.
Anyway– moving on….awaiting true spring summer, I’m busy shopping and ordering new chaise loungers for pool area, shopping for an outdoor shower kit, ordering ground cover from nursery, etc, etc, etc. It takes a village to get this house open for the season so I can get on with my life, work, social outings, travel, etc.


So to keep it happy and lite, I’m posting happy and lite images that help me on this dark, dreary. chilly day as my dear sweet Lola slowly recovers and snores her way thru the afternoon.
Heres to better days, weather, friends and family.


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