Water & Light

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11 June 2015



Dear Readers– sorry for lack of posts. I’ve been busy with getting the house in NoHu open for the season along with Miss Lola having her good days and bad. Doesn’t sound like both would eat up tons of time but it unfortunately does.

And yes, I’ve been working on client projects (interior design) and on my sportswear line (White Linen Sport) revamping the design of pieces and having new prototypes made. All good. Oh– and planning an upcoming trip to Italy (how could that escape my caffeinated mind this AM?)!!!

Anyway, part of opening up the house means refreshing pieces and I’ve been in the market for new summer grade track off rugs. I love these new creations from one of our favorite design mavens:
Madeline Weinrib.
I love the weight of the hand dyed cotton, the variety of hue saturation and the balanced patterns. I’m over the moon about the hand stitching. I would definitely mix and match these in close proximity. Lightweight track off use, may I suggest— like coming in out of pool / patio area. And yes, they do remind me of water and light–two of my most favorite soothing yet playful interactions.
Now– which patterns?







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