Your Summer Baggage?

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7 July 2015


Happy Post July 4th. I’ve been busy spending time with friends in beautiful downtown Wayzata, NoLo and NoHu– a perfect balance. I’ve also been golfing, working on design projects and my sportswear line. You know– the typical summer stuff. Gearing up for upcoming travel in August but not much more to report on.

For our upcoming Italy trip, where we’ll be hopping on and off trains, boats and planes– I’d like to take one piece of luggage that’s the perfect size and as lightweight as possible– so I’ve been shopping (on line).
One of our new favorite lines: Mark and Graham. Everything is so fresh looking, functional and YES– monogram able (and you-in-the-know how I love my monograms!!!).


Please note my bamboo handle leather summer bag called the Elisabetta Slouch Bag. It’s my fave for sure and drag it every where with me this summer. The perfect white, fresh, summery and YES: it’s monogrammed!!! Shop often as they seem to add new products to their line frequently. Refresh and refresh again:-)))

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