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13 August 2015

Pearl Str Mall, Boulder, CO

You-in-the-know know how I’ve not been my usual self these days. I haven’t been traveling at all. And no travel makes for dull content for One White Shirt. I’ve been sticking quite close to home– splitting time between my country place NoHU and city place– pied a terre- NoLo because my Dear Little Lola is in need of her Mummy. She turns 14 years old soon– unfortunately on the day I leave for Italy– but hey– she’s fairing well and is in her groove of old age so I think its OK to steal away for 7 nights? Right? Italy is calling Dear Readers and I’ve been stateside for months…..so….? More on that later – end of August.
AND– come on– I have the opportunity to celebrate my birthday in Florence, IT. Of course I’m going — right? (Help me justify this….no really– help!)

CU Boulder with Arapahoe in background, Boulder, CO

Anyway– excited to be heading to Colorado tomorrow for quick wedding weekend away. A very best friend of mine’s son is tying the knot outside of Denver and hey– I just couldn’t say “NO”. I’m thrilled to be going back to the area where I hung out in the early ’80’s.
Ah– the foothills of the Rockies! Good times & memories for certain!

I look forward to posting quality content Dear Readers! Promise. Stay tuned.


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