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28 August 2015

(My)Room With a View from the Savoy

I awoke to the Duomo bells ringing this morning.
Working on getting my act and outfit–comfortable shoes–together as we are off to Chianti today.
Yesterday we had an amazing guide– Elena, take us around Frienze for 3 hours. She was the most informative, gracious, and entertaining guide I’ve yet to encounter.

While she patiently corrected our American accented attempts at Italian (a couple of much needed eye rolls from her were no charge. And just to let you know Dear Readers– I cannot roll my rrrrrrr’s to save my life) she informed us of the usual info/ history on the Duomo, Uffizi, Statue of David, Ponte Vecchio, the Medicis (and as holder of an Art History degree) lots of interesting facts that I did not know.


I loved learning more about contemporary life of a Florentine and a hint of what it would be like to be an expat. Her first instruction (I love this) was to tell one of my pazze travelers to lose the to-go cup of coffee. She was looking just too American! Italians DO NOT walk and drink their caffe! They linger at a caffe bar and chat with other while enjoying their shot of caffeine. She promptly dumped the cup.

I really am considering coming back to study Italian for a lengthier time span.
I promise to post more upcoming photos– MY PHOTOS– as I’m feeling better today (traveling with a cold does not work well).
Ciao for now!

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