The Stillness of Perfection

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17 August 2015


Just back from a absolutely-gorgeous-more-than-fun wedding in Larkspur, CO. WOW what a weekend! And now that I’m back I can concentrate on packing for upcoming trip to Italy.


Thank you Heather Clawson— fellow blogger– for the most inspiring post today! You-in-the-know-know how my favorite color is white (a good crisp white) and how I wear it year round. Habitually Chic’s post is so spot on with what I’m already packing– sans the Jesus sandals. Those I plan on finding at the San Lorenzo market in Florence. I’ll definitely pay attention to market’s hours open– last time, fell head over heals with a whole bunch of sandals but didn’t have the time to try on. I circled back the next day to find the market was closed and we were soon to catch a train to Rome. Ahhh, e la vita!

Enjoy Heather’s full post here.






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