Here’s: Just Harry.

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11 Sept. 2015

Sorry for my lack of posts.  Tech team assures me that glitches have been resolved so I can post about Italy.

See Italy posts soon.

But in the meantime, you-in-the-know know how I lost my sweet loving Lola on Aug 20th.  I’ve been missing her beyond what anyone could ever imagine.    The void is my life is vast.

So, taking the advice of family and friends:  meet Harry.

He’s  a mini Labradoodle.  He’ll be 30 lbs max and hopefully as smart as my dear sweet Lola.

I wanted something physically so opposite of my beautiful Weim so I’m not one of those Mummys that compares one child against the other (like my mother did– NOT COOL and very bad parenting).

He’s coming in from Oregon tomorrow evening.  So while I’ve been grieving over the loss of my Lovely Lola, I’ve been getting the house and pied a terre ready for my new little guy.


I hope I can love him as much as I loved my girl.     So stay tuned Dear Readers….I’m sure you’ll be getting lots of photos, videos, etc  on him.   I PROMISE not to overdue it.  I know how annoying that can be.

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