Hacked But Healing

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20 October 2015

I don’t even know where to start.  My website was hacked last week.  It was hacked so severely thatI lost all of my images.  All of my images from over 600 something posts.

I’m still so sick to my stomach and in shock over this.  My tech team tells me that there’s not way to recover images and that my whole library is gone.

I’m starting over I guess…..maybe it’s time to rethink format and/or content.  Because everything happens for a reason.  Right?  Processing —and you-in-the-know know how I like to process.   Not obsess– process — I can sense the eye rolls:)

Well, in the meantime:  what’s on my mind today?  Working on a client’s home and main focus is to bring in color.  One can revamp upholstery, throw pillow, lamps, etc.  But if you really want high but subtle impact paint your ceiling.  And PLEASE do it in a high gloss finish– PHULLLLLLEASE!  Don’t be so skittish and go for it. The light will bounce off of it and enliven that darkest of palettes and  I promise you and your guests will smile EVERY DAMN time you step into the room.

I could keep going on about the benefits but Harry needs a walk.

See below images by My Domaine.












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