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Something Fishy

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28 Sept 2015       Well it’s not quite here yet but the weather will turn cooler and crisper sometime soon.  That’s when one’s fashion sense turns towards cozy sweaters and scarves.  What’s better than a classic fisherman’s sweater.  Cooly neutral with heavy handed stitching and versatile enough to wear (daytime only Dear Readers) with skirt or  jeans or  for you-in-the-know– JLE white jeans. And won’t this be a…

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20 Sept 2015   I’m stealing a free moment from Harry -time (my little guy is napping) to catch up on E mails and actually complete a post. New York Fashion Week has wrapped up and I completely enjoyed seeing the Tory Burch 2016 Spring / Summer collection. Do some of these clothes and accessories scream JLE?  I love the colors and especially love the fringed and lace looks. Looking…

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Perfectly Polished

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11 July 2015 In Polite Society, One Should Place a Premium on Poise, Politesse, and (nail) Polish. –Violet Grey CAYENNE AND BLUSH I love my nails perfectly polished. While I don’t actually like to take the time out to do this, I love the little jolt of happiness I get from the glimpse of perfect color. It must be the right shades of color and pairing. This takes time, and…

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Lots & Lots Of Color = Happiness

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11 April 2015 Greetings from Naples FL. I heard it’s snowing back in NoLo and NoHu— no wonder no one from there is calling me or taking my calls. Can I tell YOU Dear Reader how amazingly beautiful it is here in Old Naples? And in Pelican Bay? Does ANYONE want to hear about how gorgeous it is? OK– I’ll keep it to myself. Family members have safely arrived. We’ve…

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Taking It To A Higher Standard

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6 March 2015 So I’m trying to mix up my regular work out schedule. Like everything else in life, if I’m not challenging myself I get complacent and bored out of my mind and then I start looking at the next sparkly thing….hmmm well what’s that over there? (Keep it curious Dear Readers. Keep it curious.) I’m down to one day a week with Kick-Your-Ass-Kay personal trainer, taking Barre classes,…

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