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Natty Nauticals

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26 February 2015 Ines de la Fressange I’m having nautical thoughts lately, maybe because my last two trips out of the tundra were desert bound. I’m so looking forward to meeting girlfriends out tonight at CoV (decor is Hampton or Nantucket-like) in Wayzata to dine on crab cakes, enjoy a glass or two of Proseco and catch up with my friends. Robert Redford In the meantime enjoy this nautical Breton…

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Shop the Seventies

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19 January 2015 The ’70’s styles are back! Recently when shopping with my young niece Cate, I remarked how crazy it is when styles that I remember from my youth are back in style again. Of course I was relating to living long enough to have those styles fully recycled. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and genuinely said: “Isn’t that so great!” Actually in this…

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Focus on Mindful Glamour

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14 January 2015 Funny thing happened to me yesterday. I was researching these amazing BuDhaGirl bracelets —you-in-the-know know how I am beyond crazy for bracelets– bracelets with meaning that is. More on the bracelets in a moment– so I was on the BuDhaGirl website and I clicked on their Meditations link. I cannot meditate to save my life. My Shavasana when wrapping up a yoga session usually consists of getting…

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Effortlessly Chic

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11 January 2015 Still single digits here today in NoHu, but I’m in good spirits because the start of my winter travel plans are quickly approaching, so I’m in a warmer clime frame of mind. So when this came across my desk yesterday– I knew I had to share it with you. Caftans– I LOVE caftans. Two years ago, I threw a birthday party for myself on a chartered boat…

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