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Art For Soul Searching

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27 August 2013 Happy Birthday to me. I don’t know if you do this, but my birthday every year is a day of reflection for me. I take stock of my last year and determine what needs to be switched up for the new year. “Onward and upward” is one of my mottos. And boy, this new year has got be a different year for certain– to get the “chispa…

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Simply Said: siggi’s

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14 July 2012 I feel the need to bring to you attention my new favorite yogurt. Of course the plain simple packaging spoke to me first, then the texture and taste and then learning about it made me love it even more. siggi’s is Skyr yogurt “is the traditional yogurt of Iceland. It is made by incubating skim milk with live active cultures. The whey, the water naturally found in…

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Insight Into Iris

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30 May 2013 Dear Readers– sorry for lack of posts but I have been consumed with this beach house project on Long Island. More on that later when my mind and the dust settles a bit. I just found this piece of interest and thought I would share it with you. It’s more on style maven Iris Apfel (see my past posts on this icon) being interviewed by fashion designer…

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Too Many Vara Variations– Help!

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3 May 2013 Be still my beating heart. Do you remember Ferragamo’s iconic Vara shoe? The Vara shoes is having it’s 35th anniversario. And boy does this shoe have special memories for me. They could have been the first expensive shoes I ever purchased– and yes, it was 35 years ago. Mine were perfectly taupe. This was my go to shoe with anything remotely dressy and I wore them until…

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