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Spring Flings– Here We Come

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22 April 2015 It must be April / May here in NoHu / NoLo because here come all the fundraiser invitations! All good– I’m not complaining in any manner. I truly believe in giving back and it’s always so great to meet up with your friends after a long winter where everyone was scattered about and wintering elsewhere. So I welcome the spring / giving season with open arms– here…

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Lots & Lots Of Color = Happiness

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11 April 2015 Greetings from Naples FL. I heard it’s snowing back in NoLo and NoHu— no wonder no one from there is calling me or taking my calls. Can I tell YOU Dear Reader how amazingly beautiful it is here in Old Naples? And in Pelican Bay? Does ANYONE want to hear about how gorgeous it is? OK– I’ll keep it to myself. Family members have safely arrived. We’ve…

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Inflexible Yet Organized

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16 March 2015 Sorry for lack of posts. But the weather here in NoHu and the NoLo has been delightful and I’m crazy busy juggling a million things. Like what? New design projects, my golf skirts have taken off (more on that later– I know I keep promising but not ready to share yet), planning a birthday party in Naples, FL, etc. etc. So how does a girl keep organized?…

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A Green Salad on The Side

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10 March 2015 Spring is definetly in the air here in NoHu Dear Readers. My mind is racing ahead to pool parties, paddle boarding, golfing and just being outside walking Miss Lola. I was dreamining about green leaves and grass when this line of “dish ware” came across my desk. Someone I know has a few pieces of this crazy wonderful line called “Lettuce Ware”. Maybe it’s my mother or…

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Curious and Consuming

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4 March 2015 Watch this informative video. One of my all time favorite artists has this intriguing piece up for purchase: Anish Kapoor (b. 1954) Blood Mirror Stainless steel and lacquer 78 in. diameter Executed in 2000 Blood Mirror by Anish Kapoor I’ve viewed his amazing, inviting work in Madrid at the Reina Sofia as well as the Tate Modern in London and I swear there was something at…

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