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Better Than Ever

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7 February 2015 Every woman knows– I don’t’ care how great shape you’re in– what a major drag swimsuit shopping can be. Well it’s right up there with bra and jean shopping. Be prepared to commit at least 4 hours to the ordeal. I always marvel at the swimsuit sales women. They have endless energy assisting one to find the perfect suit(s) Add to that the daunting task of to…

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Good Morning Sunshine

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22 January 2015 All of you-in-the-know know how my favorite color is white. A really good clear white like Mac white. But on a cloudy dreary day one needs a pop of color like sunshiny vivid yellow. My upcoming trips to the sunshine (Scottsdale then Palm Springs) cannot happen fast enough. In the meantime, fellow blogger Heather Clawson of Habitually Chic has published a perfect post for a grey day.…

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Bring Back the Bar Cart?

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21 January 2015 I’m starting a new design project this coming Friday, actually re-starting a project that was put on hold 10 years ago. In reviewing the client’s files I came across bar cart selections. Recently we’ve all been hit with the resurgence of bar carts everywhere. Am I missing something– when did they go “out of style?” They are such a nice accroutroment for any area of the home,…

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Effortlessly Chic

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11 January 2015 Still single digits here today in NoHu, but I’m in good spirits because the start of my winter travel plans are quickly approaching, so I’m in a warmer clime frame of mind. So when this came across my desk yesterday– I knew I had to share it with you. Caftans– I LOVE caftans. Two years ago, I threw a birthday party for myself on a chartered boat…

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Perfect The Presentation With Heath

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3 January 2015 Food update: The Cippino I made for NYE was a huge hit. Click here for Giada de Laurentiis’ recipe that I used– and again don’t forget a really good baguette and fantastic olive oil such as California Olive Ranch, my personal favorite. Heath’s Coupe Rim Lines Bowls Bowls for serving: Heath Ceramics. Enough said? Possibly not. You-in-the-know know how I’m a complete nut for anything Heath Ceramics…

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