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3 Putt

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2 August 2015 A summer must-do: Mini Golf at the Walker Art Center. “For the two eight-hole courses, winning proposals from a group of architects, artists, engineers, machinists, and putt-putt connoisseurs were selected from an open call. Two more holes were designed and produced by students from a public sculpture class at the University of Minnesota, led by artist Chris Larson. Walker on the Green: Artist-Designed Mini Golf is copresented…

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26 May 2015 Yes, finally. All my girlfriends are back and I’m looking forward to a fun summer-season-kick-off this Thursday night– praise the gods. See you out and about. TURN IT UP!!!

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16 Almonds = 15.3 Gal of Water

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25 May 2015 It may be Memorial Weekend the official kick-off for summer, but here in NoHu the weather is clearly not cooperating. I’m supposed to golf this AM and probably am not– extremely soggy and not to mention the chilly weather. So wherever this finds you, I hope you are enjoying the long weekend with skies of blue and your sun is shining. THE AVERAGE AMERICAN EATS A SLIVER…

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Place Your Bid on a Picasso

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27 April 2015 Everyone-in-the-know knows how I love ceramics. I’ve been collecting hand made ceramics for years– small to large, local to pedigreed. A couple of summers ago I announced I was going to take a pottery class. Imagine the response I got– not what I expected. “Great! Does that mean everyone is going to be gifted ashtrays from now on?” That was a typical comment. You-in-the-know know how I…

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Spring Flings– Here We Come

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22 April 2015 It must be April / May here in NoHu / NoLo because here come all the fundraiser invitations! All good– I’m not complaining in any manner. I truly believe in giving back and it’s always so great to meet up with your friends after a long winter where everyone was scattered about and wintering elsewhere. So I welcome the spring / giving season with open arms– here…

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