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Hacked But Healing

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20 October 2015 I don’t even know where to start.  My website was hacked last week.  It was hacked so severely thatI lost all of my images.  All of my images from over 600 something posts. I’m still so sick to my stomach and in shock over this.  My tech team tells me that there’s not way to recover images and that my whole library is gone. I’m starting over…

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My Harry –Day 2

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14 September 2015     Here’s Harry.  He’s a very funny, smart, curious little guy with unlimited enthusiasm.  He was 3 months old yesterday and I think he’s here to stay.  He’s loving it here in the country –cannot stop doing laps thru the lawn.  I’m taking him into Mpls tomorrow to get him acclimated to city life tomorrow– as I need to plug back into my life.  I’ve forgotten…

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Here’s: Just Harry.

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11 Sept. 2015 Sorry for my lack of posts.  Tech team assures me that glitches have been resolved so I can post about Italy. See Italy posts soon. But in the meantime, you-in-the-know know how I lost my sweet loving Lola on Aug 20th.  I’ve been missing her beyond what anyone could ever imagine.    The void is my life is vast. So, taking the advice of family and friends:…

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Me Without You

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25 August 2015 Lola at Marin Headlands, Marin County, CA 2009 Sorry for my lack of posts Dear Readers, but I lost my Lovely Lola last week. The love of my life. The light of my life. She peacefully passed on to join her Weim friend, Miss Meadow and her cousin Betty the Bulldog. She died almost (1) week before her 14th birthday. My heart is broken into a million…

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