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A Fresh Start

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2 January 2015 Ahhh, it definitely feels great to type out 2015– you-in-the-know know how I somehow do better during odd numbered years. And that said– let’s get off to a fresh start and make your salad today without the store bought dressing. It’s easy to whip up this Mustard-Shallot Vinaigrette dressing consisting of (4) ingredients, it takes only (7) minutes and will keep up to (3) weeks. See The…

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Cheers to 5 Years

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19 December 2014 Congrats to me…..I just realized (with the help of LinkedIn and my dear friend Anne G) that I’ve been blogging for (5) years this month. Thank YOU Dear Readers for your ever-lasting interest in whatever I find interesting at the moment! Here’s to many more years together and PLEASE send me your comments. I love hearing from you and I promise to become diligent about posting said…

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Thanks For the Memories

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13 December 2014 It’s true. I’ve been hearing rumors but now it’s confirmed. Lucia Watson has sold her business:  Lucia’s Restuarant, Wine Bar and To Go.  We’ve been going there since she first opened the first phase, a tiny — and I mean tiny restaurant in 1985.  Over the almost 30 years, we have spent many mornings, days, and evenings whiling away the hours enjoying the company, wine and her…

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Good Grapes?!

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20 November 2014 Post update 11:37 AM: Thanks to all of you that sent me messages informing me that the correct sound effect is “THUD” not “THUG”. I revised it for you! OK, I’m jumping on this runaway train. Did any of you read the Food section of the New York Times yesterday? I pride myself on reading the NYT paper everyday, I totally look forward to it (I also…

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19 November 2014 Good AM Dear Readers. Spoon and Stable follow up: A very well designed, laid out space, happy helpful staff, interesting variety of food– beautiful small proportions that are artfully presented and an overall nice crowd of people. It was great to see a pretty evenly mixed age group (I state this because many places are for the younger crowd in NoLo these days). And a bit of…

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