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Me Without You

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25 August 2015 Lola at Marin Headlands, Marin County, CA 2009 Sorry for my lack of posts Dear Readers, but I lost my Lovely Lola last week. The love of my life. The light of my life. She peacefully passed on to join her Weim friend, Miss Meadow and her cousin Betty the Bulldog. She died almost (1) week before her 14th birthday. My heart is broken into a million…

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The Stillness of Perfection

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17 August 2015 Just back from a absolutely-gorgeous-more-than-fun wedding in Larkspur, CO. WOW what a weekend! And now that I’m back I can concentrate on packing for upcoming trip to Italy. Thank you Heather Clawson— fellow blogger– for the most inspiring post today! You-in-the-know-know how my favorite color is white (a good crisp white) and how I wear it year round. Habitually Chic’s post is so spot on with what…

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Go West

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13 August 2015 Pearl Str Mall, Boulder, CO You-in-the-know know how I’ve not been my usual self these days. I haven’t been traveling at all. And no travel makes for dull content for One White Shirt. I’ve been sticking quite close to home– splitting time between my country place NoHU and city place– pied a terre- NoLo because my Dear Little Lola is in need of her Mummy. She turns…

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Your Summer Baggage?

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7 July 2015 Happy Post July 4th. I’ve been busy spending time with friends in beautiful downtown Wayzata, NoLo and NoHu– a perfect balance. I’ve also been golfing, working on design projects and my sportswear line. You know– the typical summer stuff. Gearing up for upcoming travel in August but not much more to report on. For our upcoming Italy trip, where we’ll be hopping on and off trains, boats…

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