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Bring Back the Bar Cart?

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21 January 2015 I’m starting a new design project this coming Friday, actually re-starting a project that was put on hold 10 years ago. In reviewing the client’s files I came across bar cart selections. Recently we’ve all been hit with the resurgence of bar carts everywhere. Am I missing something– when did they go “out of style?” They are such a nice accroutroment for any area of the home,…

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Shop the Seventies

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19 January 2015 The ’70’s styles are back! Recently when shopping with my young niece Cate, I remarked how crazy it is when styles that I remember from my youth are back in style again. Of course I was relating to living long enough to have those styles fully recycled. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes and genuinely said: “Isn’t that so great!” Actually in this…

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Focus on Mindful Glamour

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14 January 2015 Funny thing happened to me yesterday. I was researching these amazing BuDhaGirl bracelets —you-in-the-know know how I am beyond crazy for bracelets– bracelets with meaning that is. More on the bracelets in a moment– so I was on the BuDhaGirl website and I clicked on their Meditations link. I cannot meditate to save my life. My Shavasana when wrapping up a yoga session usually consists of getting…

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Effortlessly Chic

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11 January 2015 Still single digits here today in NoHu, but I’m in good spirits because the start of my winter travel plans are quickly approaching, so I’m in a warmer clime frame of mind. So when this came across my desk yesterday– I knew I had to share it with you. Caftans– I LOVE caftans. Two years ago, I threw a birthday party for myself on a chartered boat…

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We’ll See You At The WAM

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8 January 2015 Are you free the evening of February 7th? I’m amongst the co-hosts of this amazing event to support an amazing museum designed by the amazing Frank Gehry. I kindly request your attendance. It’s a super fun party and guaranteed to produce an impressive turnout of Twin Citians. And you in-the-know- know I’ll be there in VIP, and what? Who am I wearing? Gaultier. And you? I look…

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