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3 Putt

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2 August 2015 A summer must-do: Mini Golf at the Walker Art Center. “For the two eight-hole courses, winning proposals from a group of architects, artists, engineers, machinists, and putt-putt connoisseurs were selected from an open call. Two more holes were designed and produced by students from a public sculpture class at the University of Minnesota, led by artist Chris Larson. Walker on the Green: Artist-Designed Mini Golf is copresented…

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Perfectly Polished

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11 July 2015 In Polite Society, One Should Place a Premium on Poise, Politesse, and (nail) Polish. –Violet Grey CAYENNE AND BLUSH I love my nails perfectly polished. While I don’t actually like to take the time out to do this, I love the little jolt of happiness I get from the glimpse of perfect color. It must be the right shades of color and pairing. This takes time, and…

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Your Summer Baggage?

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7 July 2015 Happy Post July 4th. I’ve been busy spending time with friends in beautiful downtown Wayzata, NoLo and NoHu– a perfect balance. I’ve also been golfing, working on design projects and my sportswear line. You know– the typical summer stuff. Gearing up for upcoming travel in August but not much more to report on. For our upcoming Italy trip, where we’ll be hopping on and off trains, boats…

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