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Simply Sandwiches

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19 May 2015 Update: Miss Lola is finally on the mend. I seriously thought I was going to lose her over the weekend but she pulled thru and is pretty much herself (well, still a little old lady) as of this AM. She’s well enough that I can jump back into my life and her sitter, Bobbi can take over for a bit. Praise the gods!!! Did I miss it?…

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Hello Yellow

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14 May 2015 Where to begin? Sorry for absence but my Miss Lola has taken ill and I’ve been up most nights with her every hour on the hour and then playing catch up half asleep during the day hours. I guess it’s like having a child (so people have told me). All I can do is conduct business here in my bed next to a snoozing Weimaraner. She won’t…

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Place Your Bid on a Picasso

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27 April 2015 Everyone-in-the-know knows how I love ceramics. I’ve been collecting hand made ceramics for years– small to large, local to pedigreed. A couple of summers ago I announced I was going to take a pottery class. Imagine the response I got– not what I expected. “Great! Does that mean everyone is going to be gifted ashtrays from now on?” That was a typical comment. You-in-the-know know how I…

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Spring Flings– Here We Come

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22 April 2015 It must be April / May here in NoHu / NoLo because here come all the fundraiser invitations! All good– I’m not complaining in any manner. I truly believe in giving back and it’s always so great to meet up with your friends after a long winter where everyone was scattered about and wintering elsewhere. So I welcome the spring / giving season with open arms– here…

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Lots & Lots Of Color = Happiness

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11 April 2015 Greetings from Naples FL. I heard it’s snowing back in NoLo and NoHu— no wonder no one from there is calling me or taking my calls. Can I tell YOU Dear Reader how amazingly beautiful it is here in Old Naples? And in Pelican Bay? Does ANYONE want to hear about how gorgeous it is? OK– I’ll keep it to myself. Family members have safely arrived. We’ve…

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