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Naples USA not Naples Italia

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7 April 2014 Greetings from Naples, FL! Finally settled in and back to work. (“Work?” I can feel your eyes rolling!). No, seriously back to work this AM (while sitting in my bed, coffee, laptop, you Dear Readers, watching the sunrise, fishing boats heading out to the Gulf and palms every so slightly rustling in breeze off balcony). Hey–I’m on vacation!! Why am I trying to justify this? I do…

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Be An April Fool

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1 April 2015 Here in NoHu: Sunny heading towards 70 degrees today. I love spring. Happy April Dear Readers! Happy Spring! Remind yourself today and tomorrow and the next: it’s good to be an April Fool and believe in new beginnings. Click on link and enjoy. “So let it all go by Looking at the sky Wondering if there’s clouds and stuff in hell” —April Fools–Rufus Wainwright

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Spring Into Soups

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31 March 2015 Lack of posts? Where do I even begin to start to tell you how stressed out I’ve been. Miss Lola’s been sick, I’m trying to make huge headway on two design projects while planning a birthday party in Naples, FL (where I’m heading on Sat for 10 days) and — certainly not least–working on sourcing and securing a new manufacturer / production house for my sportswear line.…

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“Play Is How to Prepare For Work”

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24 March 2015 Did anyone catch the Lena Dunham documentary on the uber iconic creative Hilary Knight last evening on HBO? If you didn’t catch “It’s Me, Hilary: The Man Who Drew Eloise” check it out “ON DEMAND” when possible. It’s an interesting insight into the mid 50’s when the books were the creative joint venture of Kay Thompson and Hilary. The limited series is about a mischievous, playful little…

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Inflexible Yet Organized

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16 March 2015 Sorry for lack of posts. But the weather here in NoHu and the NoLo has been delightful and I’m crazy busy juggling a million things. Like what? New design projects, my golf skirts have taken off (more on that later– I know I keep promising but not ready to share yet), planning a birthday party in Naples, FL, etc. etc. So how does a girl keep organized?…

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